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Today's economy demands that extravagance within retail display and merchandising be replaced with common sense and reason!


Today, more than ever, tight budgets abound within the marketing community.

Purchasing scrutinizes marketing desires like never before.

Your marketing dollars need to go as far as possible to achieve your Clients' demands.

With well over 50 years of expertise within our industry, we at W. J. Egli Co. feel that those demands can be met with confidence.

Egli’s is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality retail displays and merchandising tools customized to your Clients’ needs and demands.

 Our main goals are to:

   Bring pricing for both design and manufacturing inline with or below the boundaries of your project budget.

   Work closely with your marketing and purchasing people to achieve your Clients’ complete satisfaction.

   Establish relationships between our Companies that will prove to be long term and enjoyable as well as beneficial to your Clients, and thereby retaining your place within their retail environment.

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